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We specialize in Safe, Door, Lock & Lock systems and many other security items.


Key services at your disposal. Whether you need to duplicate a house or car key, or extract a broken key from a lock, we can help.

  • Key Duplicate / Copy
  • Key Made to Fit Lock
  • Key By Code
  • Key Extraction
  • Key Stamping / Marking
  • Key Accessories
  • Flat Steel Keys Made
  • HUD Keys Made
  • Furniture Keys Made
  • Mailbox Keys Copied
  • Restricted Key Systems
  • Safe Deposit Box Keys Made
  • Skeleton Keys / Bit Keys Made
  • Tubular Keys Made
  • Vehicle Key Copies
  • Vehicle Transponder / Chip Programming

  • Locks

    All lock services can be found in one place, at AL-Len Lock. Whether a lock from a door, or from a safe, we can service it in many ways. We repair, install and re-key the lock itself!

    • Repair Locks
    • Install Locks
    • Replace Lock Hardware
    • Rekey Locks
    • Locks Made-To-Fit Existing Key
    • Electronic Locks Programmed
  • Electronic Locks Serviced
  • Magnetic Locks Serviced
  • Mortise Cylinders Serviced
  • Slide Bolt Locks Installed
  • Special / Rare Locks Ordered
  • Vehicle Ignition Switches Serviced

  • Safes

    For households to commercial use, we sell, repair, install and rent the latest technology of safes. Protect your valuables against fire, natural disaster, and theft.

    • Safe Installation
    • Gun Safe Installation
    • Custom / Special Safes Ordered
    • Supply Safe Locks
  • Repair Safe Locks
  • Replace Safe Hardware
  • Time Delay Safe Locks Serviced
  • Install Electronic Safe Locks
  • Program Electronic Safe Locks

  • And more...

    We are more than just a locksmith shop, we stock and order many stay-safe items, such as gun locks to prevent unwanted usage, door viewers and gate latches to stay unwelcome visitors, key chains for all your keys, and much more...

    • Key Rings Supplied
    • Key Chains Supplied
    • Key Accessories Supplied
    • Detex Exit Alarms Serviced
    • Door Closers Serviced
    • Door Security Bars Supplied
    • Gun Locks Supplied
    • Hydraulic Door Closers Serviced
    • Key Hider Supplied
    • Kick Plates Supplied
  • Latch Protector Supplied
  • Locking Cable / Chain Supplied
  • Luggage / Travel Bag Locks Supplied
  • Organizer Key Storage Box Supplied
  • Peep Holes / Door Viewers
  • Removable Core Systems Serviced
  • Restricted Key Systems
  • Shed / Gate Latches Supplied
  • Spare Key Storage Boxes Supplied
  • Spare Key Storage Locks Supplied
  • Towing / Hitch Latch Locks Supplied
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